ARZ Mélanges

ARZ Mélanges

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 ARZ Mélanges

ISSN 0299-3600

- P. Ducos : Editorial

- J. Peters, A revision of the faunal remains from two Central Sudanese sites : Khartoum Hospital and Esh Shaheinab

- A. T. Clason, The faunal remains of Paso in Northern Sulawesi, Indonesia

- G. L. Mengoni-Gonalons, Vizcacha (Lagidium viscacia) and Taruca (Hippocamelus sp.) in early southandean economies

- B. Hesse, Buffer resources and animal domestication in prehistoricnorthern Chile

- E. Iregren, An example of how a mammalian species may vary biometrically during different climatic conditions

- K. Aaris- Sorensen, E. Brinch Petersen, The Prejlerup Aurochs - An Archaeozoological Discovery from Boreal Denmark

- J. Clutton-Brock, New dates for old animals : the reindeer, the aurochs, and the wild horse in prehistoric Britain

- A. Riedel, Remarques préliminaires sur les chevilles osseuses des boeufs d’Italie nord-orientale

- J. Altuna, Koro Mariezkurrena, Introduction de l’Âne (Equus Asinus) au pays basque

- D. Horton, Archaeozoology in Australia : the tendency to regionalization