ARZ Vol. X, Archaeozoology in Africa

ARZ Vol. X, Archaeozoology in Africa

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 ARZ Vol. X

ISBN 2 85919 157 7, format 19 x 27

- Ina Plug, Editorial

- J.S. Brink, Preliminary report on a caprine from the Cape mountains, South Africa

- Chester E. Cain, Results from zooarchaeological analysis at Axum, Ethiopia

- C.S. Churcher, The Neolithic fauna from archaeological contexts in Dakhleh Oasis, Egypt

- Diane Gifford-González, Zooarchaeology in Africa : the first two million years

- Fiona Marshall, Kennedy Mutundu, The role of zooarchaeology in archaeological interpretation: a survey of the African literature from later archaeological periods, c. 20,000 BP-present

- Ina Plug, Animal remains from archaeological sites in southern Africa as a tool to redress history

- C. Garth SampsonAmphibian remains from a Later Stone Age rock shelter in the upper Karoo, South Africa

• Summaries

- C. Garth Sampson, Late Holocene tortoise remains from a hunter-herded  bone midden in the upper Karoo region of South Africa

- Kathlyn M. Stewart, L. Leblanc, D. Matthiesen, J. West, Analysis of vertebrate remains from an African fish eagle roost and implications for fossil microfauna

- Gary G. Tunnell, The Hominid niche and the behavioural ecology
of the Serengeti Lek or Community focus

• Southern African Archaeozoology

- D.M. Avery, Holocene coastal environments in the Western Cape Province, South Africa : micromammalian evidence from Steenbokfontein

- Richard G. Klein, Kathryn Cruz-Uribe, John D. Skinner, Fur Seal bones reveal variability in prehistoric human seasonal movements on the southwest African coast

- Ina Plug, Some Early Iron Age communities of the Eastern escarpment and lowveld, South Africa : a faunal perspective