ARZ Vol. III.1/2

ARZ Vol. III.1/2

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 ARZ Vol. III.1/2

ISSN 0299-3600

• Methods

- L. A. Borrero, Sites in action : the meaning of guanaco bones in Fuegian archaeological sites

- B. A. Noddle, Flesh on the bones. Some notes on animal husbandry of the past

- D. H. R. Spennemann, S. M. Colley, Fire in a pit : the effects of burning on faunal remains

- D. G. Steele, D. L. Carlson, Human modification of north American mammoth remains at the Duewall-Newberry site, Brazos country, Texas : an example of an initial bone processing station

- W. Prummel, Appendix to Atlas for identification of foetal skeletal elements of Cattle, Horse, Sheep and Pig

• Man’s role in assemblage formation

- G. Haynes, Late pleistocene mammoth utilization in northern Eurasia and North America

• Environment

- A. Turner, The concept of the ecological niche and its application to studies of hominid evolution

• Strategies

- R. G. Cooke, Anurans as human food in tropical America : ethnographic, ethnohistoric and archaeological evidence

- P. H. McCartney, J. W. Helmer, Marine and Terrestrial Mammals in High Arctic Paleoeskimo Economy

• Seasonality

- M. R. Deith, Shellfish gathering and site function : a case study from Neolithic Apulia

• Domestication

- G. Forni, Evidences for a "protobreeding" of Red Deer. Red Deer as a "domesticoid" animal

- H. J. Greenfield, Zooarchaeology and aspects of the secondary products revolution : a central Balkan perspective

- I. Köhler-Rollefson, Resolving the revolution : late neolithic refinements of economic strategies in the eastern Levant

• Traces and butcheries techniques

- G. Lemoine, Use wear analysis of bone tools

• Diet

- D. C. Crader, Faunal remains from slave quarter sites at Monticello, Charlottesville, Virginia

- B. Wilson, Fresh and old table refuse. The recognition and location of domestic activity at archaeological sites in the Upper Thames Valley, England

• Regional studies

- H. Martin, O. Le Gall, La faune mésolithique du gisement de la Doue (Corrèze). Implications palethnologiques