ARZ Vol. I.1

ARZ Vol. I.1

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 ARZ Vol. I.1

ISSN 0299-3600

• Actes du 5é Congrès International d’Archæozoology

- A. T. Clason, The Vth International archaeozoological Conference in retrospect

• Methods

- W. Prummel, Atlas for the identification of foetal skeletal elements of Cattle, Horse, Sheep and Pig. Part 1

- J. C. Wheeler, E. J. Reitz, Allometric prediction of live weight in the Alpaca (Lama pacos L.)

- L. Bartosiewicz, Cattle metapodials revisited : a brief review

- P. Morel, The fragmentation of bone material : a definable mathematical process

- D. V. Campana, P. J. Crabtree, A C language computer program for the analysis of faunal remains


The response of archaeozoology

• Animal species

-M. Teichert, Brachymel dogs

- L. Chaix, A. Grant, A study of a prehistoric population of sheep (Ovis aries L.) from Kerma (Sudan)

• Man’s role in assemblage formation

- M. Patou, Les marmottes, animaux intrusifs ou gibier des préhistoriques du Paléolithique

• Strategies

- A. M. Choyke, The exploitation of red deer in the Hungarian Bronze Age

- I. Plug, Iron Age subsistence strategies in the Krüger National Park (KNP), South Africa

- E. S. Wing, Integration of floral and faunal data from Hontoon Island, Florida

• Seasonality

- R. W. Yerkes, Seasonal patterns in late prehistoric fishing practices in the North American midwest

• Domestication

- E. A. Voigt, The dispersion of domestic stock into Southern Africa

- S. Bökönyi, Domestication and variation

• Traces and butchery techniques

- S. L. Olsen, Magdalenian reindeer exploitation at the Grotte des Eysies, southwest France

• Social Life

- G. Clark, Faunal remains and economic complexity